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PHBYC LogoWelcome to, home of the Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club, the Philippines’ first and only virtual yacht club. We say virtual because our club does not have a physical location, our group came together on the Internet and exists on the world wide web, and our homeport is any of one of the Philippines’ 7100 islands where our boats are. We’re a community of boat builders, boat enthusiasts and sailors who simply enjoy our boats and being on the water.

Our aim is to promote sailing, boating and boat building in the Philippines and erasing the stigma that boating is a rich man’s hobby. Here are the facts:

  • The Philippines is composed of 7100+ islands and the most economical way of getting around, is by sailing or paddling on a boat. No need for gasoline, toll fees, sleeping accommodations etc.
  • Any place in the Philippines is less than 5 hours away from the coast.
  • We have an unbelievable abundance of affordable and good quality lumber for boat building. (Sometimes 5x cheaper than that in the U.S.)
  • The Philippines is known for its great sailing weather (year round in some parts)
  • You can always build a better boat than you can buy. (An undisputable boat building fact)
  • And once sailing or paddling, traveling will never be the same, it’s no longer about the destination but the joy of the trip. Whether its just around a pond or a lake or coastal cruising to any of the country’s beautiful islands.

Members of the club have built great working boats for less than the price of a new cellular phone, and all of them built by their own hands in their own backyards.

Feel free to drop by the discussion forum as well check out the articles on this website to help you get started. We also have year round events like messabouts where you can check out home made boats and try them out, we also organize family boat building weekends where you and your family can have fun building a boat over a single weekend.


Build a boat for Flooded Streets
By: Felix Bautista, Jr.
as printed in the Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—With floods expected to last a few more months in the foreshore towns around Laguna Lake, there is a need for a simple boat to ferry people and goods through flooded streets. The boat should be capable of being pulled, poled or paddled through the water. It should be light enough to be carried above obstructions or the occasional shallow water, but can still take a good-sized load.

Called PHBYC bahangka (short for pangbaha na bangka), the boat has been tested for load-bearing capacity and here to continue to rest of article

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