2007 Round Taal Volcano Regatta Report - by Maligno101

PHBYC increased its participation in the RTV 100%! From three sailboats last year to six this year.

Tatoski's Vagabond Angelica, Kapitan Inngo's Caravelle Arceli, Maligno's Weekender B'lisss

Kuton's Summer Breeze Cristina, Electric Eric's Kalayaan Mulan, Piper's Spindrift Ceol Beag; Maligno's Zip Pawprint again served as safety boat.

Not only Tatoski believes this was a good RTV; Walter himself told us it was the best ever RTV. And the proof would be in the fact that the Hobies clocked record times around the volcano.

For the homebuilts and dinghies the Governor's Cup was actually a Go-to-the-Volcano-and-Come-Back Race. The course was shorter than last year which took the boats a third of the way around the island. B'lisss wasn't ready for last year's race so this was the first time she has gone into competition. As the same was true for her skipper and crew, we played the whole event by ear and basically just followed the pack. Trailed was the more accurate word though. We were the last to start in all the courses and made it through both days more by persistence and endurance than equipment and skill.

We were advised time and again by Arvin and Peter and Joe, racing is the best way to hone your sailing and know your boat. Now we know this to be absolutely true.

But of course being the laid-back folk that we are we did not at all take the event seriously and we figured that the long distance Governor's Cup Race was going to separate the men from the boys anyway. And so it did: only three of the PHBYC boats were able to finish the race. Cristina broke her leeboard at the start, Mulan had trouble with her stays and both retired. Arceli damaged a her vang and drifted off course while repairing it. All of these we didn't know til the end to the race--we were too busy looking for the buoys at the start and when we were on the way to the island had a great time in the fresh breeze with our speed peaking at 5 to 6 knots. Angelica and Ceol Beag were so far in front we could barely make them out from the Streakers and the Toppers.

As we approached the island mark and after we lunched aboard the GPS froze reading 6.3 knots in the weakening wind. And we were surprised to see Angelica still near the mark. It turned out she was babysitting a capsized Streaker and waiting for the rescue boat. We rounded the mark like a pro with our loose topping lift swinging by the buoy flag. We were easily outdistanced by Angelica who was back in the race but we met Arceli heading for the island mark. A third of the way back the Hobies that had gone all the way around the island sliced by as if we were standing still in the water, most of them with the weather hull airborne.

By mid-afernoon all the boats were back. We dropped in on Totoski and Co. at Walter's for a can of our favorite apres-sail beverage. Not wanting to waste the good wind, we took Tatoski and Kuton out on B'lisss and had a leisurely sail staying out of the way of the boats that were running the first two courses of the Regatta. In the meantime we found out that Pawprint was grounded the whole day because of a faulty prop. Andrew said it ran for a full minute before it stopped dead in its wake with the engine still running. The prop hub had disengaged.

After a buffet dinner that made up for the morning's light pack lunch, First Mate and I were pleasantly surprised to find out that B'lisss was the third in the Homebuilt Class to finish; Angelica overtook Second Placer Ceol Beag in the homeward leg to take First Place.

PHBYC skippers at the Round the Volcano Governor's Cup Awards: Piper, Peter of TLYC, Tatoski, Kapitan Inggo, Maligno, Electric Eric, and Kuton with apo

PHBYC & families

But the excitement of winning lost to advancing drowsiness and we still had to rig up the quickie boom tent I made the night before. We were hoping not to have to use it because the day had been rainless and just before we turned in we were thinking of folding over part of the tent because we noticed that the sky had cleared and exposed the Milky Way. We had to end the show and closed up the tent. Which was a good thing. Because it rained later.

The boom tent survived the night

Sunday morning , seven o'clock looked like dawn because of the overcast skies. But the wind was stirring and Eric launched Mulan with her replaced stays and headed for the island. Piper was also up and about, trying to start up Tato's 10hp with a jury-rigged prop on the Pawprint but ended rowing her to Walter's.

Pawprint up and running with Kapitan Inggo's 5hp outboard crewed by Allan and Andrew volunteered as safety boat. It was unfortunate that I was not able to see how she would have performed with Tatoski's 10hp.

After buffet breakfast the light wind still held out so we struck the tent and sailed out. Coming back we stayed clear off the Regatta course because we noticed all the boats were out getting ready for the day's first race. We were quite happy with our trophy in hand from the Governor's Cup we were just going to enjoy ourselves the rest of Sunday. Angelica had been hauled out and Cristina too. The other PHBYC boats were circling the starting gate as we approached TLYC. Then it struck us--this was a racing event so what were we doing on the sidelines? Waddahey we both said and decided to mess it up with the fleet.

By the time we got to the starting line, everybody had already gone across. The committee boat shouted the course number as we passed and Marte dug up our notes from the cabin (Kuton commented the day before that it was a "cabinet" because of the mess inside). We identified the course and ran it as best we could. By the time we finished it was time for the next course start. And so it went and we just lived from one buoy to the next. In one course, we were wondering where all the boats and gone because we were the only one doing the last leg to windward and as we ran back to the finish line we were met by a wall of flying Hobies that had just started. Then we began to wonder what was happening, having missed the briefing that morning. Were the courses changed? So we decided to follow Piper who was always ahead of the homebuilt pack--all the way back to TLYC for a very late lunch.

And after the very late lunch were the Regatta Awards where B'liss was awarded Second Place for all our efforts. Ceol Beag was First and Arceli Third.

TLYC Regatta Awards, Homebuilt Class winning skippers and crews

It was a blast; congratulations to Angelica, Ceol Beag and Arceli and, being magnanimous, we commiserate with Mulan and Cristina. For gunk-holing sailors, we have had enough racing to last us a long time. We have decided to rest on our laurels.

Now if there were only more of us....