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Building boats is what PHBYC is all about. And here are links to several of our member's on-going and completed projects, as well as some designs that the group is working on.

PHBYC Kalayaan - Born out of a need for a one design sail boat for PHBYC members, and for inter-club racing as well as a boat to be built at family boat building weekends. PHBYC members Eric and Lester came up with the Kalayaan. An 11' dinghy, taking its lines from the popular Mirror class dinghies from the U.K.

Kalayaan hull #1 has been built by Eric, who finished it in time to participate in the 2006 Round Taal Volcano Race.

Click here to download Lester's Kalayaan plot points in excel to start making your own Kalayaan.

Kalayaan Dinghy

Maligno's Pawprint - Pawprint is a modified Glen-L Zip runnabout built by Rolly in his backyard. Pawprint is the 4rd boat Rolly has built and is the first boat he built from "real" plans. It was completed in 2005 and like most homebuilt boats, it is still a work in progress.

Click here to see construction pictures of Pawprint at the gallery. or here for pictures from Glen-L's website

Pawprint - zip

Piper's Spindrift "Ceol Beag" - Roy's 11" Spindrift Nesting dinghy was completed with the help of his friend Andrew in June 2006, right in time for PHBYC's first ever Messabout. Ceol Beag is Roy's first boat, and is mostly where he learned to sail.

Roy and Ceol Beag participated in the 2006 Round the Volcano Race and won 1st place in the homebuilt class.

The Spindrift is designed by Graham Byrnes of B&B Yacht Designs.

Click here to go to Roy's blog and the story on how his boat came together


Ceol Beag - Spindrift11N

Stefan's C21 - Stefan wanted a fast and safe boat that could take him out on fishing tours and he wanted to build it himself. Stefan loves sportfishing and after weeks of searching he decided to buy the C21 boat building plans from

For Stefan it is the perfect offshore sportfishing boat and he has customized it exactly to his specs. His home fishing grounds are the open waters of around Tacloban, Leyte and someday he hopes to catch the "big one" soon with the help of his C21.

Click here to go to Stefan's website on building his C21.



Tato's VG20 - Tato's VG20 is one of the largest sail boats in the PHBYC fleet. It is a 20' Vagabond also from Tato and his brother completed the boat in 2005 and finished the mast and sails in 2006. Tato and his brother made the polytarp sails themselves with the help of from a book called the Sailmaker's Apprentice.

The Vagabond is a shallow draft cabin cruiser and sails very much like a keel boat, aided by 250 kilos of steel balast.

Tato hopes to go coastal cruising soon in their very capable cruiser.

Tato's VG20

Louis' Corsair 13 "Broken Nose" - This Corsair 13 from Bateau is Louis' first boat building project. Louis has a good collection of boat plans ranging from a canoe to a VG20 cabin sail boat just like Tato's. With Louis being more of a builder than a sailor, most of broken nose's components including its teardrop shaped wing mast were fabricated in Louis' home workshop.

Still with very much limited sailing experience, Louis hopes to hone his sailing and boat building skills on broken nose before getting on with his next boat building project.

Corsair 13

Steve's Aquila Sailing Canoe - Steve designed and built this baby himself. It is the first boat he has designed and built. Though he had previously built a Bolger Featherwind from plans in his home in Bohol, Aquila is now his on going project. In designing Aquila's hull he used hull designer software by Carlson Design.

Steve enjoy's sailing his creation around the waters near his beachfront home. You can visit steve at his Tranquilty island website and follow the development of Aquila.

custom sailing canoe

Ben's "Korvus" - Inspired by lines of Ian Oughtred's Caledonia Yawl, Ben designed and built this beautiful 6 meter double ender alone in his own garage in six months!. Ben, a long time sailor and boat builder, Korvus is actually the 14th boat that he has built. Ben hopes to take his new boat cruising the islands. The boat is now configured as a ketch with sails made by Hyde Sails in Cebu.

update: Ben has shipped his Korvus to his home country Belgium.

Ben's Korvus

Maligno's B'lisss - B'lisss is a Weekender pocket yacht designed by Stevenson Projects B'lisss is the 5th boat that Rolly has built. Modifications to this boat include; a larger cockpit, raised cabin and tiller steering.

Pictures of B'lisss' construction and launch can be seen in the gallery.

B'liss - Weekender

Eric's Tabo - Eric built Tabo in 2005 as his practice boat build. It is a D4 pram dinghy built from free plans obtained from

Here Eric is sailing with one of his kids in Taal Lake.


Roland's Didi 26 "Magaling" - Built by Swiss Nationals Roland and his Grilfriend Sabina with help from a few friends and locals during winter breaks on the island of Romblon. Magaling is a Didi 26 high performance racing trailer sailer designed by Dudley Dix, it has been modified for cruising by Roland himself.

Magaling is the first boat that Roland has built and is and impressive piece of work. Documentation of their build is also equally impressive and can be seen here.

Didi 26

Dylan's Nancy's China "Sara" - Dylan has built a Nancy's China. A trailer sailer designed by stitch and glue guru Sam Devlin. This is Dylan's first boat building project. All of the construction of this boat was done in his backyard and was completed in less than a year. With some help ofcourse.

Shown here is Sara on her maiden voyage, crossing Taal lake from Talisay to Balete and back.

Nancy's China
Loi's Glen-L 10 - Loi is one of the few Cebuano members of PHBYC. Having been wanting to build a boat of his own for sometime, Loi was lucky to be able to acquire and unfinished Glen-L 10 hull from one of his friends. He completed the project and the boat and Loi and his Glen-L 10 are now happily sailing around the waters of Cebu. Glen-L 10
Seascout's Breeze Baby - Seascout is currently building a 12 foot all around sailboat. Plans for the boat are free and can be downloaded from Svenson's. The Breeze Baby is his first boat building project, and he plans to learn how to sail on his new boat when it is finished. Seascout is seen here trying out his boat for size as his wife looks on.

Louie De G's Catamaran "GK Louise" - Louie has designed and built this 5.8 meter catamaran at his house in Parañaque. It is his first attempt at boat design and building.

His boat was first launched at the Manila Yacht Club with help from members of PHBYC and coaching staff of the Philippine Sailing Team. Modifications are currently underway to enhance her performance on different points of sail.


Homebuilt Catamaran

Kuya Ton's Sailing Summer Breeze "Cristina"- Kuya Ton started building Cristina barely two weeks before PHBYC's Summer Messabout in 2007. And as he promised, the boat was completed just in time for the event. This is the second Summerbreeze Kuya Ton has built, the first one, a motor version participated in PHBYC's Pansipit river expedition early 2007.

Cristina is one of the prototype boats for PHBYC's first Family Boat Building Weekend.

Summerbreeze Skiff

Mario's Argie 10 - Mario just finished building an Argie 10 sailing dinghy designed by Dudley Dix. Mario's Original plan was to build an Argie 15 but limitations of building space allowed only for building a smaller boat.

Mario is a long time Hobie sailor, and the Argie 10 is his first boat building project. He is building the boat for his son Josh who also wants to get into sailing like his Dad and older sister.

Argie 10

Boat Smart from the Start. Wear a PFD

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